Blazar S5 0716+714 is in a flaring state in optical and gamma

Astronomer's Telegram #3700
D. Blinov, D. Morozova, V. Larionov (St. Petersburg Univ., Russia)
on 22 Oct 2011; 03:12 UT

Our optical photometric monitroring, made as a part of GASP/WEBT project, reveals fast and high amplitude brightening of BL Lac object S5 0716+714. The blazar had R=12.50 on 2011-10-21UT20, one magnitude brighter than our previous estimate R=13.59 on 2011-10-18UT23. At the same time Fermi LAT daily integrated light curve shows historical maximum for this object 1.5e-6 ph cm^-2s^-1 (E>100MeV). Since the optical flux is still rising, observations in all wavelengths are strongly encouraged. Optical preliminary light curve could be found here: Fermi LAT open access daily light curve for this source: