Results of spiral arms cuts

Animations that demonstrate the results of the spiral arms analysis:

PGC10108 PGC10697 PGC20900 PGC21513 PGC2182
PGC22279 PGC22417 PGC22805 PGC22957 PGC23028
PGC23598 PGC23630 PGC23650 PGC2440 PGC24475
PGC24531 PGC24929 PGC24996 PGC25269 PGC25807
PGC25875 PGC2600 PGC26543 PGC26666 PGC2675821
PGC26970 PGC27077 PGC27662 PGC27777 PGC2855
PGC28556 PGC28888 PGC2901 PGC29182 PGC2949
PGC29824 PGC30054 PGC30087 PGC303 PGC30326
PGC30830 PGC31159 PGC31261 PGC3140662 PGC31428
PGC31883 PGC31968 PGC32234 PGC32302 PGC32457
PGC32778 PGC32986 PGC33166 PGC33198 PGC33325
PGC33371 PGC33569 PGC33720 PGC3377 PGC33914
PGC34195 PGC34232 PGC35104 PGC35105 PGC35283
PGC35626 PGC36206 PGC36446 PGC36759 PGC36875
PGC36902 PGC37229 PGC37386 PGC37617 PGC37845
PGC38024 PGC38240 PGC38721 PGC38773 PGC39479
PGC40001 PGC40153 PGC40490 PGC40522 PGC40614
PGC41610 PGC42124 PGC42168 PGC42174 PGC42786
PGC43161 PGC43399 PGC44032 PGC44557 PGC45093
PGC45163 PGC45560 PGC46370 PGC46462 PGC47041
PGC47067 PGC47180 PGC47404 PGC47820 PGC47932
PGC48023 PGC48130 PGC48421 PGC49130 PGC49215
PGC49399 PGC49401 PGC4946 PGC49514 PGC49555
PGC49672 PGC49881 PGC49978 PGC50218 PGC5037
PGC50629 PGC50709 PGC51094 PGC51196 PGC51300
PGC5139 PGC51592 PGC51795 PGC52017 PGC52071
PGC52171 PGC52338 PGC53625 PGC54018 PGC54319
PGC54445 PGC55581 PGC56072 PGC56479 PGC56700
PGC56864 PGC57296 PGC57978 PGC58308 PGC58800
PGC5939 PGC5974 PGC59807 PGC60459 PGC64652
PGC65375 PGC6624 PGC6833 PGC6888 PGC6993
PGC71611 PGC72263 PGC72387 PGC8014 PGC8631
PGC8974 PGC9822