Blazars 3C 454.3 and B3 1633+38 bright in near-infrared.

Astronomer's Telegram #5411 ;

V. M. Larionov and N. V. Efimova (St. Petersburg University and Pulkovo Obserrvatory)
on 24 Sep 2013; 00:02 UT

We perform near-infrared monitoring of selected gamma-bright blazars using 1.1-m AZT-24 telescope (Campo Imperatore, Italy), as a part of WEBT/GASP project. We report that blazars 3C454.3 and B3 1633+38 (=4C 38.41) demonstrate violent activity during last nights. 3C 454.3 brightened in J band from 13.31 to 12.10 mag from 2013 September 20 to September 23. B3 1633+38 reached a value of J=14.14, as compared to J=15.05 at 2013 August 15. Our preliminary light curves may be seen for B3 1633+38 at this page and for 3C454.3 here. Current high activity state of these blazars deserves close attention in all wavelengths.